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Water tube boiler

Time: 2018-11-26 18:56:31

  1. what is water tube boiler?

  The water tube boiler differs from the fire tube such as ZBG oil and gas fire tube boiler design in that the tubes contain water rather than combustion gases. In the water tube boiler, the combustion gases travel over the outside surfaces of the tubes and transfer their heat to the water within the tubes.

  2. water tube boiler advantages

  Can produce boilers with high technical parameters.

  Higher heat transfer efficiency.

  The design of these boilers provide highly efficient performance due to which they can be even employed to produce saturated or superheated steam.

  3. ZBG water tube boiler type

  ZBG custom designed industrial water tube boilers are suitable for firing on all commercially available oil and gaseous fuels, as well as a range of biomass and coal fired boilers. ZBG’s wide range of water tube boilers designed for a variety of applications(food factory, industry produces, heating, hot water supply)

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