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1-90 ton natural gas boiler

Time: 2019-01-17 18:54:11

  Natural gas boilers mainly use natural gas as fuel, and other gases such as gas, biogas, liquefied petroleum gas and various liquid fuels such as petroleum, diesel, crude oil and residual oil can also be used.

  1. What is natural gas

  Natural gas is a colorless hydrocarbon fuel consisting primarily of methane (CH4) and ethane(C2H6), its two principle combustible components. Natural gas is a very desirable boiler fuel, it can be piped directly into the boiler.

  Natural gas is free of sulfur and phosphorus and is a clean fuel. From an emissions viewpoint, natural gas is an excellent fuel choice. Although natural gas from some sources contains noncombustible gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide, it is practically free from solid residue. It is free of ash and mixes easily with air, combustion is Usually complete without objectionable smoke or soot.

  2. Natural gas boiler

  ZBG produces 1-90 ton natural gas boilers, which have been widely used in hotels, shopping malls, high-end office buildings, hospitals, bathrooms, swimming pools and factories, and have been widely praised by users for their excellent performance.

  3. Characteristics of ZBG Natural Gas Boiler

  The natural gas boilers produced by ZBG mainly include wns series fire tube boilers, szs series water tube boilers, and power station boilers. ZBG natural gas boiler has the advantages of high degree of automation, ultra-low emission, environmental protection, high efficiency, low cost, safe and reliable operation, (thermal efficiency up to 98%, SOx ≤ 5mg/Nm3, NOx ≤ 30mg/Nm3,) in the international market. The sales are in good condition.

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