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Coal fired chain grate boiler(SZL series)

ZBG szl series coal-fired boilers have high thermal efficiency, strong overload capacity, wide adaptability of coal types, and the technology has reached the world advanced level.

Fuel:Bituminous Coal, Lignite Coal

Technical characteristics

  Extended grate structure to extend fuel burning time in the furnace

  Water-cooled arch structure increases the heating surface of the furnace

  The boiler adopts full-membrane water wall structure design

Long service life

  The upper and lower drums and the anti-focus boxes on both sides form an elastic structure, and at the same time strengthen the strength of the rear arch

  Boiler heating elements are not directly exposed to high temperature, and new temperature resistant materials are used.

  Boiler furnace radiant heating surface increases, overload capacity is stronger, extending the service life of each component

High thermal efficiency

  The design of the tube wall and the application of the cast iron economizer further reduce the heat loss of the exhaust gas, and the boiler efficiency is high.

  Lightweight insulation reduces the heat absorption of the furnace wall and improves insulation performance

  The boiler has good sealing performance and no air leakage, which increases the heating area and reduces heat loss and smoke exhaust loss.


  ZBG szl series coal-fired boiler adopts the layered combustion mode of light bulk furnace row chain grate. The water wall of the wall on both sides of the furnace adopts membrane water wall structure; the water cooling pipe of the front wall of the furnace wall forms the front arch, the lower drum and the furnace The descending pipe between the anti-coke boxes on both sides of the row forms a front and rear arch, and the upper and lower drums and the anti-coke boxes on both sides form an elastic structure, which not only increases the sealing performance of the boiler, but also increases the volume of the furnace and the heated surface, and at the same time strengthens The strength of the rear arch. This product ingeniously applies the water-cooled arch technology of the large chain grate boiler combustion system and the membrane water wall technology to the assembled boiler. The boiler has good sealing performance and small heat loss, ensuring efficient and reliable operation of the boiler.

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