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Oil and gas boiler

Time: 2019-01-04 16:25:14

  Capacity: 1-130 ton

  Pressure: P≤1.5 MPa, P≤2.5 MPa, P≤3.82, MPa P≤5.81, MPa P≤10.2MPa

  Types: 1-20 ton wns fire tube boiler, 4-90 ton szs series water tube boiler, 1-130 ton coke oven gas/blast furnace gas boiler, 20-130 ton gas fired power plant boiler

  Hot-selling boiler: 5 ton natural gas boiler, 15 ton diesel boiler, 20 ton oil gas dual fuel boiler, 75 ton gas power plant boiler, 10 ton gas boiler

  Fuel: natural gas, city coal gas, biogas, heavy oil, diesel oil, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas

  Oil and gas dual-purpose boilers generally burn fuels of oil and gas types, which can be natural gas, biogas, gas, heavy oil and diesel. The general principle of oil and gas dual-purpose boilers is based on fuel and supplemented by gas. Before the boiler is ignited, the fuel switch is turned on, and the gas switch at this time needs to remain closed. Then, after ignition, after the ignition is successful, after the fuel combustion is stabilized, the gas switch is turned on again, and the oil and gas dual-use combustion mode is entered, and the mixed state of the oil and gas is started. Oil and gas dual-purpose boilers can be used alone or in separate gas or oil and gas. It is more economical to use gas or fuel than oil and gas. How to operate it depends on the specific needs of customers. Different There are also some differences in the design of oil and gas dual-purpose boiler manufacturers.

  Advantages of oil and gas boilers produced by ZBG:

  1. Low nitrogen environmental protection

  The boiler adopts a number of environmental protection technologies, which can reduce the emission of NOX to below 26 mg/m3, SOx≤5mg, and the pollutants are extremely low.

  2. Efficient and energy efficient

  The thermal efficiency of ZBG oil and gas boiler can be as high as 98% or more, which is the first choice for customers to choose energy-saving and environmentally friendly boilers.

  3. High degree of automation

  At present, the automation degree of ZBG gas boiler and oil-fired boiler is very high, and it is a fully automatic boiler. The boiler is easy to operate and starts and stops quickly.

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