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Oil and gas fire tube boiler

ZBG oil and gas fire tube boiler is wns series horizontal bedroom internal combustion boiler. It adopts a wet back type flue gas three-return structure and is a low-nitrogen, high-efficiency and safe boiler.

Fuel:Natural Gas,Biogas,Light Oil,Diesel Oil

Environmental protection

  This industrial boiler integrates the wns series boiler structure with ultra-low nitrogen technology to achieve low nitrogen emission from boilers, nitrogen oxide emissions as low as 26mg/Nm3, and excellent environmental performance.

  FGR flue gas recycling technology and staged combustion technology, two world advanced low nitrogen technologies

  The large-area combustor design facilitates low-nitrogen combustion of fuel and low-nitrogen emissions from flue gas.

  Configuring a low nitrogen burner

  The characteristics of the fuel itself, like natural gas energy is clean energy

High efficiency

  The thermal efficiency of this series of industrial oil and gas boilers is as high as 98%. Mainly from improving boiler combustion efficiency and reducing heat loss to improve the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler.

  The boiler is equipped with an economizer and a condenser to effectively reduce the exhaust gas temperature.

  Wet back three-return structure, effectively absorbing heat

  The boiler uses a threaded pipe to enhance heat transfer

  Enhanced combustion and heat transfer with large-area combustor design and advanced corrugated furnace structure

Safe and reliable

  A variety of safety protection measures to ensure safe and reliable boiler operation

  Set to over temperature, over pressure, water shortage, full water, leak detection, flameout protection

  The boiler is equipped with necessary thermal instruments, valves and various protection devices

  Fully butt butt weld, high reliability


  ZBG wns series oil and gas boiler is a fire tube boiler, is a wet back type flue gas three pass package type boiler. It is a boiler with low nitrogen (NOx≤30mg/Nm³) and high efficiency (boiler thermal efficiency up to 98%). This series of industrial boilers has the advantages of less space, safety, reliability, high degree of automation, and no noise. It is widely used for industry production and processing, such as food & beverage industry, textile mill, pharmaceutical factory, chemical industry and wood processing industry, moreover, it could be used for heating in enterprise, hotel, hospital, school, residential area, greenhouse planting, etc.

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