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Oil and gas water tube boiler

ZBG industrial oil and gas water boiler has the advantages of low nitrogen environmental protection, convenient installation and low pollution discharge. It is a green energy-saving equipment.

Fuel:Natural Gas, Biogas, Light Oil,Diesel,Coke oven gas, blue charcoal exhaust

Structural features

  The boiler adopts two-drum vertical arrangement, the important components such as the drum are not directly exposed to high temperature flame radiation and scouring

  The boiler adopts membrane water wall structure, which is reliable in sealing, large in furnace volume and full in combustion.

  Quick assembly structure, easy to install and transport

  Airtight inner guard plate for fully enclosed welded structure, good sealing of furnace wall

Safe and reliable operation

  The industrial oil and gas boiler adopts natural circulation, and the water circulation flow resistance is small.

  Electric continuous water supply adjustment, automatic water level control and high and low water level alarm, low water level interlock protection

  Steam pressure automatic control and overpressure alarm

  Automatic control of the first overpressure automatic stop, start furnace, second overpressure automatic shutdown protection, etc.

Environmental protection and high thermal efficiency

  Low nitrogen burner

  Boiler structure design fuel for low nitrogen combustion and low nitrogen emissions from flue gas

  Application of two major low nitrogen technologies

  Boiler heating surface area is large

  Large furnace volume and good flame filling

  The boiler adopts high heat resistance and light material furnace wall, which has good thermal insulation performance and low heat loss.


  The ZBG oil and gas water tube boiler is a szs series industrial boiler. The boiler adopts a double drum vertical arrangement. The boiler adopts a quick assembly structure, has the characteristics of compact structure and short installation period on the construction site. The boiler body consists of upper and lower drums, membrane water wall, convection tube bundle and superheater. It is also equipped with energy-saving device and condenser. It has the advantages of sufficient combustion, large output and low pollution discharge.

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