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greenhouse heating boiler

Time: 2018-11-20 18:30:20

  Greenhouses are often used for planting or raising seedlings such as vegetables, flowers, and trees in low-temperature seasons. Greenhouse greenhouses require different methods to ensure the temperature inside the shed. The most common way is to use heating boiler equipment.

coal greenhouse heating boiler

  The fuel is heated in the boiler to heat the water in the boiler. The water source enters the interior of the greenhouse through the inlet pipe through the circulation pump through the circulating pump, and the heat is transmitted through the fin tube or the coil heater, and then the cold water passes through the return pipe. Go back to the boiler and continue to warm up.

oil and gas greenhouse heating boiler

  There are many kinds of fuels used in greenhouse heating boilers produced by ZBG. Boiler fuels Commonly used are natural gas, diesel oil, heavy oil, bituminous coal, no bituminous coal lignite, biomass straw fuel, etc. To some extent, some boiler costs are relatively low, some fuel costs are relatively low, and some operating costs are relatively low. This is still to look at the specific needs of different customers.

biomass greenhouse heating boiler

  In greenhouse heating, the heating value required for one square heating is 80 to 100 kcal, and the 10,000 square meter is at least 1 million kcal boiler is 2 tons of boiler. When determining the boiler capacity, we must also consider the height of the greenhouse, the distance between the greenhouse and the greenhouse, the temperature requirements, and the greenhouse materials.

greenhouse heating boiler

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