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heating boiler application

  Heating refers to the total heat given to the building and maintains a certain temperature in the room to create suitable living conditions or working conditions. The heating boiler equipment provided by ZBG is mainly for urban central heating, including large municipal city heat pipe network type central heating and regional boiler type central heating. The heating boiler equipment produced by ZBG can be used for large-scale urban heating systems, apartments, office buildings, hotels, schools, farms, greenhouses and heating.

  The heating area of ​​a 1 ton boiler refers to the building area of ​​a 1 ton boiler that can be heated per hour. The heat generated by a ton of boiler is 600,000 kcal. According to the current national standard, every square meter of building (residential, office, hotel, etc.) Heating heat, the standard heating area of ​​ ZBG 1 ton hot water boiler is 10,000 square meters. Since the heating area of ​​the boiler is also affected by factors such as building structure, height, and heat preservation, the above data is only used as a reference. As for the real heating area, field inspection is required. Heating in greenhouses, farm heating, etc. are also different from residential heating.

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