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20 ton paper mill natural gas steam boiler

  The paper mill 20 ton natural gas steam boiler is used in the papermaking industry. It mainly uses the steam generated by the boiler to dry the paper. Generally, the natural gas consumption per hour of the 20-ton gas-fired steam boiler is 1400 cubic meters. The specific fuel consumption also needs to take into account the specific use of the boiler.

  The type of ZBG 20-ton gas boiler mainly includes wns series and szs series. Both boilers are environmentally friendly and efficient products produced by ZBG. The boiler efficiency is as high as 98% and the NOx emissions are as low as 26mg/Nm3.

  Technical characteristics of 20 tons of paper mill natural gas boiler:

  1.Flue Gas Re-circulation (FGR)

  This method of combustion control uses flue gas recycled from the stack and mixed with combustion air to reduce the oxygen content of the combustion air and cool the flame.

  2. Full premix technology

  A new type of environmentally friendly combustion method that fully premixes fuel and air. Through precise adjustment and control, it ensures complete mixing of gas and air to make combustion more complete.

  3. The gas steam boiler has a reasonable and compact overall structure and is package boiler.

  4. The water circulation is simple, the structure of the pressure-bearing parts is reasonable, and it can operate safely under the condition of ensuring water quality.

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