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Paper industry boiler application

1. Types of paper industry boiler

  The use of boilers is critical in the paper production process. There are many types of boilers used in the paper industry by ZBG. From the use, it is divided into: hot water supply boiler, industrial steam supply boiler, power generation boiler, heating boiler.

2. The function of the boiler in the paper mill

  The paper industry is an important industry closely related to the development of the national economy and the construction of social civilization. The role played by the modern economy has attracted more and more attention from the world. In order to adapt to the fierce market competition and realize the modernization of the pulp and paper industry, while improving economic benefits, we must reduce pollution, reduce consumption and protect the environment as much as possible in the production process. In the papermaking process, the pulp suitable for the quality of the paper is diluted with water to a certain concentration, and initially dehydrated in the wire portion of the paper machine to form a wet paper sheet, which is then dehydrated by pressing, and then dried into paper. The application of steam is indispensable throughout the papermaking process. Black pulp is concentrated, pulp is cooked, and steam is used for drying. During the bleaching process, chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, etc. are heated and dissolved, and steam heating is also required.

  The choice of boilers in paper mills is based on the economic benefits of boilers. On the other hand, the environmental performance of boilers is becoming more and more important.

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