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Boiler for the dairy industry

  The raw milk used in the dairy industry is mainly milk, and the dairy products are mostly finished or semi-finished products made from cow's milk, including milk powder, butter, cheese and the like. The production equipment used in different dairy products will differ, but boiler equipment is a heat source that must be used in all dairy industries.

  Steam is used in the dairy for indirect heating, direct heating and sterilization processes. A steam boiler is an energy device that generates heat and pressure, and the steam produced is used in different production processes. Because it is in contact with food, the quality of steam is vital. And it is essential that in all of applications high quality steam is available at the correct temperature and pressure.

  These applications will include:

  Hot water heaters.

  Indirect plate heat exchangers.

  Clean in place (CIP) units.

  Sterilize in place (SIP) systems.

  Steam jacketed vessels for processing butter oil.

  Direct UHT sterilisers used to pasteurise milk at higher temperatures.

  Air heater batteries which provide hot air for spray drying and can drying.

  Multi-effect evaporators used to produce condensed milk.

  Aseptic storage to provide a sterile barrier on product change over in pipework and tanks.

  Dairy effluent holding tanks (waste fat) are kept warm to prevent solidification prior to disposal.

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