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Advantages of natural gas boilers

Time: 2019-01-10 18:07:43

  A natural gas boiler is an industrial boiler that burns clean energy and natural gas for industrial production of hot water and steam. In recent years, due to the increasing pressure on environmental protection, environmentally friendly boilers have become the focus of the company's attention, and the use rate of gas boilers has been increasing.

  The natural gas boiler is an industrial boiler that burns clean energy natural gas, and has an incomparable advantage compared with the traditional boiler that burns coal and other fuels. The advantages of natural gas boilers are as follows.

  1. Environmental protection

  Natural gas is a clean energy source. It does not pollute the ground or the underground water because its byproducts are in gaseous form. Another important fact is that natural gas burns without releasing any soot or sulfur dioxide. It also emits 45% less carbon dioxide than coal and 30% less than oil. And the gas boiler produced by ZBG uses multi-effect environmental protection technology to achieve ultra-low NOx emissions, SOx ≤ 5mg, NOx ≤ 30mg,

  2. High thermal efficient

  On the basis of giving full play to fuel advantages, ZBG gas boiler also has the advantages of sufficient combustion and high boiler efficiency. (thermal efficiency is up to 98%)

  3. Long boiler life

  There are less impurities in the gas, the boiler will not be corroded by the high and low temperature heating surface, the boiler has long running time and less failure.

  4. Easy to use and easy to operate

  Gas-fired boilers use gas delivered by pipelines as power, do not require gas storage, reduce operating costs, saving site and labor. The boiler has a high degree of automation and is an automated boiler with simple operation.

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