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How to choose right boiler

Time: 2018-11-28 18:25:45

  The hot water or steam generated in the boiler can directly supply the required heat energy for industrial production and people's life. It can also be converted into mechanical energy by steam power plant, or converted into electrical energy by a generator. When purchasing a boiler, the customer first defines the boiler use.

  1. Understand the type of boiler

  There are many types of boilers, and customers can better choose the right boiler if they understand the basic information of the boiler. If the boiler is divided according to the structure, there are water tube boilers and fire tube boilers.

  2. Clear boiler application areas

  Different boilers are suitable for different applications. General heating will choose a hot water boiler, and the food factory are widely used steam boiler during the production process. Customers can choose the right boiler for their needs.

  3. Determine boiler capacity according to demand

  Determining the right boiler capacity involves many aspects, the most fundamental of which is the actual heat load. But you can't simply calculate how much heat load you want to choose a large boiler. In many cases, the boiler capacity purchased by the customer will be greater than the actual demand. However, too much capacity will increase the cost of the enterprise, too small to meet the actual needs.

  4. Refer to various aspects to determine boiler fuel

  Boiler fuel consumption, fuel price, boiler operating efficiency and other factors will affect the determination of boiler fuel. Like Russia, the world's largest oil and gas exporter, oil and gas boilers are selling well in this country.

  ZBG has a team of experienced and experienced engineers who are able to tailor solutions to the needs of our customers and provide them with quality boiler equipment services.

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