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SZL series biomass boiler

ZBG szl type biomass boiler has good fuel adaptability, high thermal efficiency, and significant economic and environmental benefits.

Fuel:Biomass Fuel, Rice Husk, Bagasses

High boiler thermal efficiency

  Adopting membrane water wall structure, good heat transfer effect and good air tightness

  A secondary air vent is arranged around the furnace to fully mix the fuel with the air to ensure full combustion of the biomass fuel.

  The fuel is in a state of combustion in which the suspension is layered and burned, and the combustion is sufficient.

  Longer grate to extend fuel burning time in the furnace

  Before and after the furnace, the water-cooled wall tube extends to the grate to form the front and rear arches, increasing the radiation heating surface of the furnace

Environmental protection

  Burning clean biomass energy

  The fly ash share is small, so the original dust concentration of the boiler is low.

  Smoke emits less sulfur and phosphorus oxides


  The heating surface of the boiler is lightly worn, prolonging the service life of the boiler

  Boiler saves electricity, saves material, saves expensive ignition costs

  Simple boiler operation, reducing labor costs

  The ash discharged from the boiler can be combined


  ZBG szl type biomass boiler is an assembled water tube boiler. In order to adapt to biomass fuel combustion, the structure is improved to ensure the economical and reliability of biomass boiler operation. The boiler is arranged in a vertical position with a double drum, and the combustion equipment is driven by a chain-type chain grate device with a continuously variable transmission. This type of boiler is widely used for power generation, central heating, industrial steam and hot water supply.

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