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DHL series biomass boiler

ZBG DHL series biomass corner tube boiler inherits the advantages of corner tube boiler and is suitable for burning a variety of straw fuels.

Fuel:Rice Husk, Wood Pellet, Bagasse

High efficiency and energy saving

  The boiler adopts a full-membrane wall structure with good sealing performance, low heat loss and heat loss.

  Large cross section and high furnace design, combined with secondary air and furnace separation, high fly ash burnout

  The advanced beam type grate is matched with the optimized design of the rear arch, and the slag is burned to a high degree, so the boiler has high thermal efficiency.

  The labyrinth connection is used between the grate pieces, and the grate leakage is small.

Technical advantages

  Fly ash internal circulation fluidized re-combustion device based on high temperature separation

  Design method of composite equal flow velocity for flag convection heating surface of angle tube boiler

  Secondary air disturbance action and furnace separation technology

Safe and reliable

  The boiler adopts a crossgirder grate, the grate has low running resistance and low failure rate.

  Reliable water circulation, fast boiler start

  There will be no dangerous metal pressure difference caused by different thermal expansion


  Energy is an important material basis for economic development and plays an important role in social development. Biomass energy is an ideal renewable energy source with a wide range of sources, very low sulfur content, and a carbon neutral fuel. Various biomass boilers are also beginning to play an increasingly important role in society. The angle tube biomass boiler developed by ZBG for the characteristics of biomass fuel is based on the domestic market research and the development of new international boiler technology. It is designed on the basis of reference to foreign advanced angle tube boilers. This biomass boiler inherits the advantages of reliable water circulation of the angle tube boiler, compact structure and quick start. Moreover, it can adapt to a variety of straw fuels, has high combustion efficiency, and avoids problems such as accumulation of ash and slag.

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