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DZL series biomass boiler

The dzl series biomass boiler produced by ZBG is suitable for burning and forming biomass fuel. It is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product.

Fuel:biomass pellet

Energy efficient

  Inverted α furnace arch design, full fuel combustion

  Advanced sealing structure design, good boiler insulation performance

  Adjustable air chamber, flexible adjustment, good for fuel combustion

  The boiler is equipped with an economizer to save energy.

Cost savings

  No need for oil and gas ignition, saving expensive start-up costs

  Boiler operation is simple, saving labor costs

  The boiler consumes less electricity

Environmental protection

  Optimize the amount of airflow and adjust the combustion effect

  Extend the fuel burning time in the furnace, and burn the fuel fully


  In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to protecting the environment and conserving resources. In order to further reduce the pollution generated during the use of the boiler, biomass boilers have emerged. Biomass fuel is a kind of rich renewable energy, with carbon neutrality, burning and cleaning features, which promotes the rapid development of biomass boilers to a certain extent.

  The dzl series biomass boiler produced by ZBG is a single-drum chain grate boiler, suitable for combustion molding biomass fuel, pure coal or co-firing coal and shaped biomass fuel. The shaped biomass fuel burns in the furnace for a long time and is fully burned. The burnt ash is a very good fertilizer and can be recycled. ZBG dzl series biomass boiler can replace the traditional boilers that burn oil, coal and other non-renewable resources, and is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product.

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