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Heating boiler

  When the weather is cold, it is time for the heating equipment to play its role. Heating boiler refers to a kind of heating source that uses coal, fuel oil, gas, biomass and other fuels as heating sources to heat water or other medium to a certain temperature through pumps, valves and radiators to heat the local environment to achieve heating purposes.

  ZBG's heating equipment has been used in schools, hotels, hospitals, greenhouses, and corporate heating. Classification from fuel can be divided into:

  1. Gas heating boiler

  The boiler is equipped with all-round protection measures such as overheat protection, secondary overheat protection, anti-dry and water shortage protection, and pressure protection.

  2. Oil heating boiler

  The oil boiler has a high degree of automation, and the advanced technology design enhances the heat transfer effect and greatly saves fuel consumption.

  3. Biomass boiler

  The SO2 concentration of the ZBG biomass boiler is discharged. After the dust removal facility is installed, the boiler soot and nitrogen oxide emissions are very low, and the forestry residues are the main forming fuel. The boiler air pollutant emissions can reach the natural gas standard.

  4. Coal-fired boiler

  The boiler design structure is reasonable and compact, the heating area is large, the flue gas flow is long, the heat transfer effect is good, the exhaust gas temperature is low, the running cost is low, and the use is more economical.

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