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Oil and gas boiler for food factory

  The oil and gas boilers produced by ZBG generally have the following uses in different food factories: industrial hot water supply, industrial steam supply, domestic hot water supply, heating, or play a role in the self-supplied power station.

  The biggest demand in the food industry is steam boilers, which are related to the nature of food production. On the one hand, food companies have many processes in production, such as fumigation, maturation, drying, baking and other processes that require steam. On the other hand, steam is a safe heat transfer medium. In addition, steam can also be used for disinfection and cleaning of various equipment.

  The oil and gas boilers produced by ZBG have many advantages. In the fierce competition of boilers, the sales of oil and gas boilers were promoted.

  1. Environmental protection

  The oil and gas boilers produced by ZBG use the world's advanced low-nitrogen technology to achieve low nitrogen emissions. And the use of a variety of technologies that are conducive to fuel full combustion and low nitrogen emissions from flue gas have greatly improved the environmental performance of the boiler.

  2. Efficient and energy efficient

  The thermal efficiency of oil and gas boilers produced by ZBG is as high as 98%. Condensation technology, energy saver, boiler structure, boiler materials, etc. improve boiler thermal efficiency by reducing heat loss and making full use of heat.

  3. High automation

  The ZBG oil and gas boiler is equipped with an intelligent boiler IoT system, and the boiler adopts an electromechanical integrated structure with high automation and simple operation.

  4. Reduce costs

  Saving boiler room investment, labor costs, boiler micro-positive pressure operation, no induced draft fan power consumption is low, saving energy, reducing boiler operating costs

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