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Food factory boiler application

1. ZBG food factory boiler types

  The food industry is a life industry of mankind and an eternal industry. In the food industry, the use of boilers is essential, especially for steam boilers. ZBG produces various types of boilers for food industry. There are hot water boilers and steam boilers on the export working fluids. From fuels, there are oil and gas boilers, coal-fired boilers and biomass boilers. From the capacity, ZBG can be produced in the from 1 ton to 280-ton steam boiler.

2. The applications of boiler in food industry

  Steam boilers produce a certain amount and quality (temperature, pressure, etc.) of steam by burning various fuels and then transporting them to different workshops in the food factory. Steam boilers are used to power machinery, heat the facility, and creating steam for batching processing and cooking. The sterilization of raw materials, the disinfection of various equipment, etc. are also inseparable from the steam boiler. application.

  Steam boilers can also be used in food plants' own power stations. Food factories need to run a lot of large-scale mechanical equipment. For example, bread mills need to use dough mixers, blenders, roasters, pressing machines, eggbeaters, and sanitary equipment. The consumption of electricity is very large. Many food plants will deploy self-contained power station boilers for internal power generation. Hot water boilers are also used in food plants. Hot water boilers can provide central heating or hot water supply to their plants, office buildings, and dormitory buildings. Of course, some processes in food factories require special processing of food by hot water boilers.

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