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Coal corner tube chain grate boiler

ZBG DHL series coal-fired boiler is a kind of corner tube chain grate boiler, which has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, long-term trouble-free operation, environmental protection and short installation period.

Fuel:Bituminous Coal, Anthracite Coal

High thermal efficiency

  The boiler adopts the secondary air turbulent combustion design idea and the fly ash high temperature separation + fly ash internal circulation fluidization reburning technology, the fuel combustion is sufficient

  Membrane wall structure is adopted around the furnace and the downstream flue, which has good sealing performance, low heat loss and heat loss.

  The use of a large cross section, a higher furnace structure, reducing the flue gas flow rate, so that the flue gas has sufficient residence time in the furnace

  The advanced beam type grate is matched with the optimized design of the rear arch, and the slag is burned to a high degree, so the boiler has high thermal efficiency.

Boiler operation is safe and reliable

  Reasonable flue gas speed, heating surface without ash deposition and no abrasion, under the condition of no soot-blowing, the boiler can work full-load, high-efficiency and safety in long term.

  Reliable water circulation, fast boiler start-up, low temperature stress

  The beam type grate is used, and the running resistance of the grate is small; the cooling effect of the grate piece is good, and the failure rate is low.

  The burning part of the coal fired boiler adopts flake chain grate to match with high-quality auxiliary coal handling equipment and perfect automatic control system

3. Environmental protection

  The corner tube chain grate coal-fired boiler does not need to add bed material, and the heavier fuel is burned on the grate, so the fly ash share is small.

  The corner tube boiler is arranged in a multi-flue, which significantly reduces the original dust concentration of the boiler.

  Environmental protection effect is good, use multi-level dust removal, reduce exhaust gas concentration


  ZBG DHL series coal-fired boiler is a kind of corner tube chain grate boiler, which has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, low operating cost, long-term trouble-free operation, low emission concentration of boiler exhaust fumes, light weight, less capital investment, factory shipment, the on-site installation workload is small, the installation period is short, and so on. It is the latest replacement product of China's large-capacity hot water boiler, and it is a large-capacity chain grate boiler with reliable water circulation. The product adopts a number of patented technologies such as "high-temperature separation-based fly ash internal circulation fluidized re-combustion device", which adopts an corner tube structure. The downcomers are arranged on the four corners of the boiler, not only as a water circulation channel, but also as a support for the boiler. frame.

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