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Waste heat recovery boiler

ZBG produces a variety of waste heat boilers, including carbon rotary kiln waste heat boiler, three waste mixed combustion furnace and blown air waste heat boiler, hazardous waste incineration waste heat boiler, float glass furnace flue gas waste heat boiler, steel industry sintering machine and cooling machine waste heat boiler.

Capacity:≥3 ton
Fuel:Flue gas waste heat

Carbon rotary kiln waste heat boiler

  Compared with the traditional carbon kiln waste heat boiler, the ZBG carbon kiln waste heat flue gas boiler has a small footprint and saves investment expenditure; the structure is novel and the performance is superior. The dust-containing flue gas is discharged outside the furnace through the condensate pipe, the superheater, the convection pipe bundle, and the steel pipe economizer. 

Chemical Industry Waste Heat Boiler

  The Chemical Industry Waste Heat Boiler developed by ZBG mainly have vertical and tunnel kiln horizontal two types of natural circulation waste heat boilers, which can be integrated with the three-waste co-firing furnace and the blow-off gas furnace, so that the production enterprises can fully realize "two "Coal becomes a coal" and "two furnaces become a furnace" is a typical energy-saving equipment for the circular economy of the chemical industry. While the incumbent enterprises produce huge economic benefits and environmental benefits, they truly achieve safety, environmental protection, increase production, and increase efficiency. saving.

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler of Hazardous Waste Incineration

  ZBG has developed a waste heat boiler with independent intellectual property rights applicable to the industry for the particularity and diversity of flue gas in hazardous waste industries. This type of waste incinerator is a device for incinerating garbage, and the garbage is burned in the furnace. The exhaust gas enters the secondary combustion chamber, and is completely burned under the forced combustion of the burner, and then enters the spray type dust remover, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney after dust removal.


  During the operation of the waste heat boiler, the high-temperature flue gas with a large amount of heat enters the furnace first, then enters the waste heat recovery device of the front smoke box, then enters the pyrotechnic tube, and finally enters the waste heat recovery device in the rear smoke box flue, and the high-temperature flue gas changes. The low temperature flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. Waste heat boilers used in industrial furnaces generally use an induced draft fan to discharge exhaust gas to the atmosphere; waste heat boilers used in power machinery and chemical production processes rely on the pressure of the intake air to pass through the waste heat boiler and discharge to the atmosphere or into the next Process equipment.

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