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Coal power plant boiler

The boilers of ZBG coal-fired power station have low original pollutant emissions, high thermal efficiency, and energy saving.

Capacity:8-440 ton
Fuel:bituminous coal, brown coal, anthracite coal, lean coal,

coal power plant

  In the end use of various energy sources around the world, power is becoming more and more important, accounting for nearly a quarter of the total. Industrial demand is the biggest growth point in the power industry, and electricity is increasingly being used for heating and transportation. The power plant boiler is the core equipment of the power station, and is mainly used to promote the work of the steam turbine in the thermal power station.

coal-fired power plant boilers

  In many developing countries, coal power is still the main force in the power industry. Coal resources still occupy an important position in the energy structure and will continue. On the one hand, coal-fired power station boilers are widely used in thermal power plants, and on the other hand, they are also used in the reheat cogeneration industry.

coal-fired power station boilers

  Considering the current status of coal utilization technology and the higher requirements for environmental protection in the future, efficient and clean combustion of coal is inevitable. The boiler of ZBG coal-fired power station boiler is designed to achieve low emissions of sulfides and nitrogen oxides during combustion. The boiler combustion efficiency is about 97% to 99%, the thermal efficiency is high, the fuel amount is reduced by more than 3%, and the fan power consumption is saved by more than 20%. It is an efficient energy-saving device.

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