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Industry autoclave

ZBG produces a variety of types of autoclave equipment, which is widely used in building materials such as aerated concrete blocks, wood drying and anti-corrosion treatment, and autoclave curing stage of rubber products.


ZBG autoclave series

  The autoclave equipment produced by ZBG has a top-opening autoclave, a fully automatic hydraulic opening autoclave, a through-type autoclave, an end-automatic autoclave, an electric-opening autoclave, a pneumatic opening autoclave, and a side. Open the autoclave.

ZBG autoclave advantages

  The autoclave products produced by our group company are advanced in design and rigorous in manufacturing; the assembly line operation, stable quality and high efficiency; the products can be factory-segmented and can be segmented and delivered to the user's needs; the overall matching is good, the installation period is short, and the investment cost low.

ZBG autoclave

  As a key unit in the manufacture and export of national autoclaves, ZBG Container Autoclave series products are well-designed, energy-efficient and have obtained six national patents. With more than 300 sets of advanced CAD workstations and CAPP process design and scientific research, testing and testing equipment, it is one of the “Top Ten Production, Research and Research Bases in Zhengzhou City”.


  It is a large, heavy-duty pressure vessel. Autoclaves are widely used in aerated concrete blocks, pipe piles, lime sand bricks, coal ash bricks, microporous calcium silicate boards, new lightweight wall materials, thermal insulation asbestos sheets, high-strength gypsum and other building materials, wood drying And anti-corrosion treatment and autoclave curing stage of rubber products.

  The autoclave equipment mainly consists of a kettle body, a kettle lid, a swinging device support, an insulation layer, a sealing device, a pipe valve instrument, a drainage device and an electric control box.

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