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Fire tube boiler

Time: 2018-11-27 20:26:48

1. What is fire tube boiler

  From the structural division, boilers can generally be divided into fire tube boilers, water tube boilers and water fire tube boilers. A fire-tube boiler is a type of boiler in which hot gases pass from a fire through one or more tubes running through a sealed container of water. And due to the structural characteristics of the fire tube boiler, the fire tube boiler is generally small in capacity and low in parameters. boiler.

  There are two types of fire tube boilers produced by ZBG, all of which are packaged boilers. One of them is an oil and gas boiler, and the other is a chain grate boiler.

  1. wns series oil and gas fire tube boiler

  The boiler has a three-pass structure, and the boiler has sufficient heating surface and wet-back design ensuring high durability. Advanced combustion system with wide variety of fuel, such as heavy oil, diesel oil, gas and natural gas.

  Boiler specific parameters


  Pressure: 1.0/1.25 MPa

  Fuel: light oil, natural gas

  2. dzl series water fire tube boiler

  The fuel used in this type of boiler is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly biomass fuel, which is widely used and economical. The boiler produced by ZBG can also be produced by burning coal. The boiler adopts a two-wing flue design. The high-temperature flue gas first enters the settling chamber, and then enters the two-wing flue and the front smoke box from both sides, and the effect of eliminating smoke and dust is good. Dzl series fire tube boiler airflow design science, the furnace temperature field is uniform, and effectively absorb the heat of the flame, effectively suppress the formation of Nox

  Boiler specific parameters


  Pressure: 1.0/1.25 MPa

  Fuel: biomass fuel such as rice husk, wood, strew, palm shell, coal such as bituminous coal, anthracite coal

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