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Biomass boiler application

Time: 2019-01-09 18:04:34

  On the one hand, the development of biomass boilers promotes the sustainable development of energy utilization technology, effectively prevents environmental pollution, on the other hand can promote economic and social development, and has good social and comprehensive economic benefits. The high-quality biomass boiler produced by ZBG can give full play to the advantages of biomass fuel, and has the advantages of environmental protection and high efficiency. Many companies have begun to purchase this environmentally friendly boiler for energy supply. According to the different boiler output fluids, the biomass boilers produced by ZBG can be divided into saturated steam boilers, superheated steam boilers and hot water boilers.

  ZBG hot biomass water boilers are ideally suited to such applications as: district heating, public buildings, office building, swimming pools, greenhouse, hospital, hotels and school.

  ZBG biomass steam boilers suit any process including food manufacture, paper industries, textile industries, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, brewing and distilling, as well as agricultural sectors.

  When different industries choose to purchase biomass boilers, they need to know the boiler's capacity, thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, operating costs, basic parameters and other information to choose a more environmentally friendly and economical energy solution.

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