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Boiler cost

Time: 2018-12-26 18:32:42

  Boiler costs include upfront investment and post cost. The initial investment is mainly the boiler price, transportation cost, installation cost, etc., and the later cost is mainly the operating cost.

  The most important thing in the upfront cost is the boiler price, which is related to the type of boiler, basic parameters, auxiliary machine parts and so on. ZBG can tailor the solution according to the needs of customers.

  Boiler operating costs include boiler fuel costs, boiler labor costs, utilities, and maintenance costs, but in general, the fuel cost of the boiler can be calculated because the fuel cost accounts for at least 90% of the overall operating cost of the boiler. The calculation of fuel costs requires knowledge of boiler parameters, boiler operation, fuel consumption, and fuel unit price.

  How do customers know the cost of the boiler?

  Every day, customers ask us about boiler cost information. Our professional team will provide customers with quality solutions based on customer needs and local information, including boiler cost information.

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